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''The Colgate Comedy Hour'' - 19 September 1954

Published 1954

An episode of "The Colgate Comedy Hour", with host Eddie Fisher, and the following guests: comedy-music group The Vagabonds, singer Peggy Lee, ballet dancers Maria Tallchief & Frederic Franklin, violinist Mischa Elman, singer & trumpet player Louis Armstrong, and boxer Rocky Marciano.

Run time 49 minutes 31 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: richgoup - - December 8, 2012
Subject: The Colgate Comedy Hour.
Season 5, episode 1.
Original air date : 19 September 1954.
Cast: Eddie Fisher (Host), Louis Armstrong (Singer/ Trunpeter), Mischa Elman (Violinist), Frederic Franklin (Ballet Dancer), Gordon Jenkins (Orchestra Leader), Prggy Lee (Singer), Rocky Marciano (Boxer), Maria Tallchief (Ballet Dancer), The Vagabonds and Al Weill (Rocky Marciano`s Manager).
From IMDB.
Reviewer: Pinkpup - - June 17, 2012
Subject: One of the best...
...Colgate Comedy Hours with out Martin and Lewis. Sadly everyone, except for Maria Tallchief, is no longer with us. Great talent and historic because of it being the first network telecast from the Hollywood Bowl. Highly recommended.